Digital transformation supporting commercial controls



Digital transformation supporting commercial development

Commodities and banking

Digital transformation is a big ally of commercial development for any business. Tools like CRM and sales analytics provide invaluable insights into market trends, help companies understand their clients’ needs and preferences, and offer better deals, increasing the same time revenue and clients satisfaction.

Digital transformation also involves digital marketing, such as mail marketing and social media. Mail marketing offers targeted outreach, fostering a direct connection with customers.

Moreover, we need to analyze the results of social media campaigns to drive brand engagement and loyalty. In essence, the synergy of these digital tools is revolutionizing the commercial landscape, setting a new standard for business success.

Global Investment Bank

Controls Design Effectiveness Review

Conducted a two-phase Design Effectiveness Review for a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) registered non-U.S Swap Dealer.

Project Oversight

The first phase focused on CFTC regulations and National Futures Association (“NFA”) rules that are relevant to CFTC-regulated Swap Dealer’s activities. The second phase focused on non-US derivatives rules and applicable extra-territorial CFTC rules.
Both phases of the Design Effective Review included:
• Assessment of the comprehensiveness, sufficiency and effectiveness of the client’s control environment.
• Identification of key elements of regulatory requirements or individual standards not being met; and
• Incorporating a better understanding of leading industry practices.


• Assessed client’s Swap Dealer key controls, including policies and procedures, operational procedures, staff training and resources against applicable rules and regulations; and
• Conducted interviews with key staff in both business and functional roles responsible for the Swap Dealer business and operations.

Key Impacts Achieved

• Identification of gaps in the Swap Dealer’s controls and overall Compliance program with remediation recommendations;
• Understanding industry trends around Swap Dealer high profile obligations focused on Governance, Business Conduct Rules, Settlements and Clearing, Transactions Reporting and Recordkeeping; and
• Better appreciation of the key aspects of Swap Dealer Compliance conducted